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36% increase in overall recovery performance

CRX Compression garments improve next-day recovery in 3 core areas. Power, Strength and Performance. Studies prove that using our products in recovery and following our recommended protocols, you can look to achieve:

36% more next day power.
37% more next day strength.
36% increase in overall recovery performance.

Sports fashion is rarely designed to help you recover quicker. CRX Compression Garments are. Our range is based on expertise. It has been developed by people who have over 30 years of clinical experience in elite sports. They have knowledge because they were there. Their insight is built into everything we produce. Each compression garment is designed to fit, is designed for comfort, but above all, is designed to be effective. It helps you get back quicker. It helps you perform longer. It gives you the edge.


Damage to muscles are amongst the most common injuries in sport. It takes the edge off performance. It keeps you out of action. There is nothing more frustrating. But the act of compression reduces swelling. It improves blood flow. It helps lessen soreness.

CRX compression garments provide a massive 43% reduction in next day DOMS (Delayed OnsetMuscle Soreness) following tough training sessions or competition. 

It gets you back in the action quicker. Wearing CRX Compression Garments becomes second nature, so that the support of injury reduction and recovery always comes first.