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Pregnant Women wearing CRX Compression on Yoga MatPregnant Women wearing CRX Compression on Yoga Mat
Hairdresser Standing Up CRX CompressionHairdresser Standing Up CRX Compression
CRX Compression Ankle Injury Sprain RICECRX Compression Ankle Injury Sprain RICE


Recovery Club T-shirt
Regular price £24.99

Best calf sleeves ever for running! Couldn’t recommend them more, best sports product I’ve bought in years!

Beth S

I walk a minimum of 8 miles a day and from wearing the tights, my legs do not feel tired and ache afterwards!

Rostislav R

The t-shirt is brilliant, really comfortable, high quality material and my shoulder aches have hugely reduced.

Jon W
Unisex Medical Compression Socks
Regular price £44.99

what are the benefits of crx compression wear?

Sports: Compression wear improves oxygen flow to the muscles to reduce fatigue during workouts and help speed up recovery time in between sessions.

Work: Compression clothing helps relieve stiffness from long hours of sitting or standing.

Pregnancy: Compression wear provides extra support to alleviate sore feet and legs during pregnancy.

Life: Wearing compression garments can improve blood flow and circulation which increases energy levels and helps with mobility.

How does compression wear work?

Compression works by gently squeezing the muscles which helps increase blood flow and oxygen levels to the area, providing a boost of energy and helping to speed up recovery time.

The fabric used in compression wear is made to help reduce muscle soreness, fatigue and improve mobility.

Compression wear offers support to key areas around the body while allowing for comfortable movement throughout the day.

are compression garments for me?

Compression wear can be beneficial to anyone looking to reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery times.

Athletes and weekend warriors who participate in sports or activities involving physical exertion often find compression wear helpful as it can help relieve overworked muscles and prevent injuries.

Compression garments are also great for people who spend long hours on their feet or sitting at a desk, offering comfort and increased circulation throughout the day.