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Challenge yourself and strive for extraordinary accomplishments. Maximize progress and reach your peak performance potential with optimized recovery methods. Conquer the field, track, road or pool by pushing to be better each day – it's time to take on the competition.

Get ready as you prepare both physically & mentally so that what comes next will always exceed expectations.

Bath Rugby vs Saracens wearing CRX Compression Tights

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Experience the power of CRX: an exhilarating, high-intensity sport that requires true physical prowess. With eighty minutes to dominate and win with every hit, each player matters - no matter if it's League or Union.

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Cricket Scotland CRX Compression

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Over after over. Day after day. Endless hours in the nets. Every minute fine tuning. Practice makes permanent. CRX makes the difference.

Every ball. Every shot.

Get into position. Get in the groove.

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CRX Compression Calf Sleeves for Running

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Personal bests are meant to be broken. Milliseconds matter. Short or long distance. Sprint or endurance. On the track or on the road. Pull on CRX.

Lace up your shoes. Hit your stride.

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CAMS Basso Cycling Team in the mountains

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With CRX, riders can shift their competition into high gear. With our finely-tuned compression wear built for endurance and sprinting alike, you'll find the edge to break away from your competitors - and take that all-important first place finish!

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