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When it comes to professional cycling, it always pays to be one step ahead. As anyone involved in competitive cycling can testify, if there’s one thing you can be sure of it’s that everyone’s searching for that competitive edge. Whether you’re a track cyclist, a road cyclist, a mountain biker or a triathlete, everyone’s looking to make those marginal gains -  because shaving just a few seconds off your time can make the difference between winning and losing. 

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Implementing CRX as part of your cycling recovery protocol is the fastest way to ensure you’re on form, every time. With daily training sessions and rides, cyclists experience aches and DOMS on waking which can be a huge detriment to both practice and performance. Resolving muscular pains, swelling and even injury can be rapidly sped up with the use of dedicated CRX compression for cyclists.

Using compression as part of your recovery protocol helps you to boost your recovery by maximising venous return. The stimulation of blood flow means muscles receive more oxygen-rich blood, faster - helping limbs to recover quickly from intense exercise. The other aspect of CRX compression is the reduction of pain and DOMS by 43%, which can be the difference.

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injury prevention

With such a huge variance in modes of cycling, it follows that athletes can expect a huge variance in physiological strain. From the burns and splinters of indoor track to the road rash of the urban cyclist, the consequences of pushing yourself on the bike can be serious - and often more than just skin deep.

Muscles can suffer impact injuries associated with mountain biking, while Track and Cyclocross professionals are all-too-familiar with pulled muscles, hamstring injuries and repetitive strain from the pedals -  not to mention back-based injuries that can accompany the sustained and specific posture of the sport. Indoor track cyclists also don’t get the relief of freewheeling in outdoor terrain - meaning every second spent in the saddle is intense. 

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next day performance

Prioritising a faster recovery is absolutely essential to keep up with an intense training regimen, which is crucial to your performance. Incorporating CRX compression into your recovery protocol can assist in recovery from this intense exercise, meaning you get back on the bike faster, and ultimately perform better. Our studies prove that using our products in recovery and following our recommended protocols, you can look to achieve:

36% more next-day power.

37% more next-day strength.

36% increase in overall recovery performance.