Compression for Running



It’s been well-known for years that compression garments are a runner’s best friend. Reporting increased endurance, improved energy levels and boosted performance, professional runners all over the world turn to compression garments to make every session their best. Our studies prove that using our products in recovery and following our recommended protocols, you can look to achieve:

4% increase in time to exhaustion.
2% increase in sprint speed.
5% increase in muscle power.

Compression for running is a vital part of the sport - and CRX compression for runners is for people who take the sport as seriously as we do. Our knowledge of the science behind the sport, paired with our 20% lycra technology gives you the perfect fit without compromise - for a faster, longer and better performance. 


How does running compression clothing work? 

36% more next day power. Everyday.

Compression clothing for running works on the same principles as compression clothing in general - tight technology that delivers a certain amount of compression to hardworking muscles. Graduated compression, delivered by our compression clothing, relies on  carefully constructed panels and seams - to compress certain areas whilst letting blood flow unrestricted through others. This technology means nutrient-rich blood can travel from the heart to the muscle, boosting recovery - whilst helping waste products like lactic acid to be removed efficiently. In addition, your pain receptors (nociceptors) are inhibited - meaning that in the event of a sprain, twist or trauma to the area, any localised swelling is limited. 

How do compression garments help runners to perform at their best?

Our studies prove that using our products in recovery and following our recommended protocols, you can look to achieve:

36% more next day power.
37% more next day strength.
36% increase in overall recovery performance.

Plus, a massive 43% reduction in next day DOMS
(Delayed Onset MuscleSoreness) following tough training sessions or competition.

Faster, better, more powerful performances - with a reduced recovery time. Improving oxygenation, limited nociceptors and increased waste removal from the area means a powerful performance. 

Compression stimulates oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow to the area, as well as minimising your risk of swelling and pain - getting your whole body ready to move at its max. Don’t miss out on your best performance yet - compete, compress and recover, with CRX.

Which compression products are good for running? 

CRX creates compression products designed and purpose-built by professional athletes. Professional runners require supportive products that wrap around their quads, calves, and feet to promote oxygenated blood flow and minimise fatigue. Our 20% lycra enables the flex you need to work at your hardest, whilst the 80% nylon content supports and protects against muscle oscillation. 

Compression Tights for Runners

Our range of CRX compression tights for runners has been carefully designed to pressurise the muscles in your calves and thighs to reduce muscle oscillation throughout and after your run. For full-on lower body compression, choose CRX compression tights; for specific and localised compression, choose CRX compression sleeves and compression socks. 


Compression sleeves for running are ideal for weather that is too hot for full compression leggings or tights. Designed to be worn with running shorts, your calf sleeves blood flow to the calves and help to reduce muscle oscillation, minimising your risk of a soft tissue tear in the calf and helping you to recover faster.

CRX compression sleeves have high levels of compression in order to target the lower leg muscle groups, with moisture-wicking materials to ensure maximum comfort. 

Compression Shorts for Runners 

CRX compression shorts provide compression targeted to the quads and the glutes - compressing the largest smooth planes of muscle in the body. Operating at maximum efficiency means using compression to prevent microtears or strains - so choose CRX compression shorts for recovery, for a powerful performance. 

Compression Socks For Runners

CRX compression socks for running promote oxygenated blood through the feet and ankles, with specially-designed panels for graduated compression through the lower limbs and extremities. CRX compression socks are pressurised from ankle to calf, ensuring the largest possible area of compression while you run and reducing calf muscle oscillation for optimum recovery. Moisture-wicking fabric and breathability means CRX compression socks can be worn throughout all seasons. 

Is compression good for running? 

Compression for runners is a key part of the sport at a professional level. Compression clothing for running is a simple boost to performance - no ifs, no buts, and no questions. The muscles in your feet and legs are the furthest away from your heart - meaning that improving oxygenated blood to the area stops them from being fatigued as quickly. Reports have shown that runners using targeted compression clothing enjoy an improved flow of oxygenated blood by up to 40% - hitting hardworking muscles when they need it most. 

Crucially, whether you’re a sprinter or an endurance athlete, a runner’s recovery needs to be minimal. Compression clothing during recovery minimises the risk of soft tissue damage - the most common injury for any runner. Compression leggings, calf sleeves and socks wrap around and support those key lower-body muscles, which reduces muscle movement and vibration in exertion. Protecting muscles at risk of strains or sprains minimises soft tissue damage - the biggest threat to sporting success. 

Finally, compression clothing reduces DOMS in the hours and days after your run. By minimising the microtrauma to your muscles and connective tissue, you cut down any swelling of your muscles after your run - helping them to repair quicker.

By compressing after your run, your recovery time in between sessions is cut right down - getting you back to where you need to be. 

When do you use compression for running? 

It’s key to know when and how you use compression for running. At CRX, our expert opinion is that you should use compression only after running - to promote healthy oxygenated blood flow to the muscle working and to reduce any localised swelling from trauma or microtears. Our experts have created our compression range to be worn after your exercise, meaning that runners can enjoy a seamless and comfortable fit to prepare them for their best. 

Find out more about when to compress 

At CRX, our products are created with no compromise. We offer high-quality, medical-grade compression clothing to make sure you and your muscles are getting the very best. Our CRX compression clothing in recovery applies the pressure, boosting your performance exactly where and when it’s needed during your run - giving you your most powerful performance yet.

When you choose CRX, you enjoy our expert blend of seamless, friction-free style and medical grade compression - curated for your fastest recovery yet. Designed by professionals and approved by athletes, this is compression like you’ve never known it before.