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compression for cricket

compression for cricket

With CRX compression for cricket, recovery starts as soon as you step off the field. Our graduated compression panels work to boost venous return, as they apply target pressure to the key muscle groups.

During test matches, cricketers cover an average of 25 kilometres per day in the field over a period of 5 days - making it imperative for players to return, feeling recovered and ready to perform again.

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Cricket Scotland Player stretching CRX Compression Tights
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CRX compression garments are proven to provide a massive 43% reduction in next day DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) following tough training sessions or competition. 

With CRX, cricketers can compress to combat the effects of both repetitive and sudden injuries. Our cricket compression wear offers cricketers supportive garments to work with nutrient-rich blood flow into their muscles, maximising performance and minimising fatigue. The 20% lycra content of our cricket compression range provides the right amount of flex and stretch to retain your range of movement, whilst the 80% nylon content supports muscles at rest. 

Applying CRX compression after cricket ultimately means that professionals won’t miss a second more of the game than they have to: remaining rested and restored after each play to get back out there in the morning. With assisted recovery from injury, players experience a faster recovery from intense exercise - letting them perform at full power the next time they step onto the field. 

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Cricket Scotland Player wearing CRX Calf Sleeves
Cricket Scotland Player wearing CRX Compression Tights

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Our studies prove that using our CRX compression garments in recovery and following our recommended protocols, you can look to achieve: 

36% more next day power. 37% more next day strength. 36% increase in overall recovery performance.

The physical and mental intensity demanded by the game means you’ll need to be at your peak at all times - without a moment off for the duration of play. Both high and low intensity, with short bursts and long stretches of play, cricketers have to be agile, adaptable and flexible -

and so does their compression. 

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injury prevention

One of the most important functions of CRX compression for cricket is in its qualities of injury prevention. Cricketing injuries can be as diverse as the game itself, with impact injuries, endurance injuries and repetitive strain cropping up as common. However, as cricketers will know, several regions of the body suffer more than others. 

One of the most impacted areas of the body in professional cricket is the lower body - striking a delicate balance between sprints and longer strides. Over a five-day span in Test cricket, with 12-hour days a common fixture, cricketers must maintain strength and endurance: showing up fully rested and recharged day after day.

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is compression for you?

Implementing CRX compression wear for cricketers is a vital part of being able to maintain play after play. Slipping on CRX compression garments after a fixture means that your muscles start to recover immediately: our graduated compression begins to boost venous return, bringing that oxygenated blood to any sites of trauma, micro-swelling or muscle tears. Common injuries that can take cricketers off the field for weeks at a time are targeted in a matter of hours, bringing swellings down and stimulating the flow of healing blood to your limbs.