Aaron Wainwright Dragons Rugby vs Connacht CRX Compression

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compression for rugby

In professional rugby, injuries are common.

One in four rugby players suffer an injury during a season - and with players tackling 20-40 times per match, it’s not surprising accidents happen. Soft tissue tears can happen anywhere in the body under impact or strain. Knees bear the pressure after a few seasons; tackling makes shoulders a problem spot - and impact injuries remain a recurrent risk.

Off the pitch, it’s a different story. Hidden bleeds or swelling can become crippling - taking you out for longer than you bargained for.

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Rio Dyer Dragons Rugby CRX Compression

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Will Muir Bath Rugby Player in the Gym CRX Compression

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Ollie Lawrence Bath Rugby Player vs Saracens wearing CRX Compression Tights

recovery with crx

CRX compression provides significant relief for strains and soreness after tough training sessions or competitions. Potent lactic acid buildup can be minimized, allowing nutrient-rich blood to flow through your muscles and significantly reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

With such advanced recovery tools in hand, you're sure to bounce back from any exertion faster than ever before – ensuring maximum performance at all times!

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Ruan Ackermann Gloucester Rugby

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Kyle Moyle Gloucester Rugby Player foam rolling in CRX Compression Wear

increased performance

Optimal compression levels give players a physical edge on the pitch, allowing them to stay in peak condition and continuously perform at their best.

Taking care of your body is critical when it comes to top-tier performance.

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with crx, its a different story.

Compression for any sport means isolating the muscles at work, and compressing them during or after play as appropriate. Rugby is the highest-impact mainstream sport, and involves muscle groups in both the upper and lower body - making compression key to maximise performance. Compression for rugby means compressing muscle groups involved in play - for faster recovery, increased performance and injury prevention, both on and off the pitch.