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12 products

Women's Compression Collection: Empower Your Life


Welcome to the Women's Compression Collection by CRX Compression, where we offer a diverse range of premium compression clothing designed specifically for women. Our collection features everything from compression leggings for women to sports bras, ensuring you have the perfect gear for every occasion. Experience the benefits of improved performance, comfort, and recovery with our women's compression garments. They are designed for your sport, everyday life, pregnancy, and rehabilitation goals.


Compression Clothing for Sports Performance

Our Women's Compression Collection offers an extensive range of garments that cater to the needs of athletes and high impact sports and fitness enthusiasts alike. Our compression wear provides targeted support, enhances blood circulation, and reduces muscle fatigue, enabling you to perform at your best.


Sports Compression Leggings for Women

Our compression women's tights are expertly designed to offer optimal support, moisture wicking technology and flexibility during high-intensity activities like running, training, and cycling. Experience enhanced endurance and reduced muscle soreness with these performance-enhancing garments.


Performance Sports Bra for Women

Stay comfortable and confident during your workouts with our supportive sports bra. These sports bras offer increased support and optimum comfort, making them perfect for a wide range of sports and fitness activities.


Everyday Compression Wear for Work and Comfort

Our Women's Compression Collection also features garments that provide comfort and support during long hours of work or daily activities. Experience the benefits of compression wear in your everyday life with our range of products.


Everyday Women's Compression Tights

Upgrade your work wardrobe with our women's compression leggings. These garments are versatile. They provide targeted compression to reduce muscle fatigue and improve circulation. This makes them ideal for long periods of standing or sitting.


Compression Garments for Pregnancy

Our Women's Compression Collection also includes products designed to provide comfort and support during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Experience the benefits of compression wear in this special phase of life with our range of maternity compression garments.


Pregnancy Compression Leggings

Our pregnancy compression leggings and tights offer gentle support to you while providing relief from swelling and discomfort in your legs during pregnancy. These garments are perfect for expecting mothers who want to stay active and comfortable throughout their pregnancy journey.


Compression Garments for Rehabilitation and Recovery

Our Women's Compression Collection also includes products designed to aid in rehabilitation and recovery from injuries or surgeries. Experience faster healing and reduced discomfort with our range of compression garments.


Rehabilitation Compression Tights for Women

Support your recovery process with our compression tights for women's rehabilitation. These garments provide graduated compression to promote healthy blood flow and reduce swelling, making them ideal for post-injury or post-surgery rehabilitation.


Experience the CRX Compression Difference

Boost your sports performance with the Women's Compression Collection by CRX Compression. Enjoy greater comfort in your everyday life, support your pregnancy journey, aid your rehabilitation. Browse our extensive selection of women's compression garments today and discover the difference that premium compression wear can make in your life.