Women's Everyday Compression Leggings

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CRX Everyday Compression Leggings for Women combine cutting-edge tech with seamless comfort. Our exclusive fabric blend, with 20% lycra, ensures a smooth and flexible fit - while compression panels provide graduated pressure to all areas of the lower body.

✅ Reduce muscle pain
✅ Reduce muscle fatigue
✅ Prevent injuries
✅ Recover stronger
✅ Recover faster
✅ Quad, glute and calf compression

Compress your quads, calfs, glutes and ankles for optimum-lower body function - boosting venous return for nutrient-rich blood flow to your muscles.

Our targeted panels compress any areas of injury to minimise damage, inhibiting  nociceptors to suppress swelling and reduce pain. Go about your day feeling in better form than you've ever been.

CRX Compression is trusted by thousands of elite athletes and teams.