compression for football

Compression for Football

Injuries in Football are common. With top players covering upwards of 10 kilometres per game it is no surprise that soft tissue injuries are most prominent within the football population.

Hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles are at risk from muscular strains and knees and ankles can become vulnerable due to the complex contact nature of the sport.


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recovery with crx

CRX compression gives you a 43% reduction in next day DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) following tough training sessions or competition.

If injuries are left untreated, microscopic muscle tears or joint damage means swelling - and lots of it. Swelling pressing on nerve receptors trigger pain responses in your body and brain - reducing function and movement. With dedicated CRX compression for football, minimise lactic acid buildup and keep nutrient-rich blood flowing through the muscle - for a faster and easier recovery.

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increased performance

Having compressed to the optimal levels, players report a better physical experience on the pitch.

Performance is key - keeping your body rested, recovered and in peak physical condition so that you can maintain your optimal performance.


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Compression for any sport means isolating the muscles at work, and compressing them during or after play as appropriate. Football is the highest-participation sport, and every player uses muscle groups in both the upper and lower body - making compression key to maximise performance. Compression for football means compressing muscle groups involved in play - for faster recovery, increased performance and injury prevention, both on and off the pitch.