Unisex Medical Compression Socks

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  • Clinically Enhances and supports soft tissue recovery after injury*.


  • Scientifically Relieves symptoms and speeds up healing of sore muscles*.


  • Reduction in (delayed onset muscle soreness) DOMS by 43%
*Medical Device No. 1514


Introducing our Medical Compression Socks - a versatile solution for anyone looking for extra support and comfort in their daily routines. Our Medical Compression Socks are designed to aid in circulation improvement, reduce swelling, and help prevent varicose veins - making them perfect for use during sports, everyday life, injury rehabilitation, and maternity.

Our compression socks provide graduated compression to the lower limbs which helps improve blood flow and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. For athletes, these socks can help with performance by providing support to the muscles of the lower leg while running or playing sports, as well as reducing muscle soreness and fatigue post-workout. The socks can also be used in everyday life to prevent varicose veins and reduce swelling in the feet and ankles caused by long periods of standing or sitting.

For those undergoing injury rehabilitation, our Medical Compression Socks can help reduce muscle pain and inflammation and enhance recovery time by improving circulation. The firm compression around the ankle and calf area helps to reduce swelling and improve blood flow, contributing to more efficient healing. Additionally, the breathable moisture-wicking fabric makes them comfortable for extended wear during the recovery period.

Finally, our compression socks can be a savior for expectant mothers. The graduated compression and added support around the ankle and foot area, may help to alleviate swelling and discomfort during pregnancy. Providing extra comfort and support while keeping feet and legs healthy and energized.

Our Medical Compression Socks come in various sizes and colors to suit everyone’s needs. The socks are easy to put on and take off and can be washed and reused multiple times. Investing in your comfort and health is essential, and our Medical Compression Socks will provide you with the perfect solution to your daily compression needs.

After unfortunately picking up a Syndesmosis injury, CRX Compression has been integral to my recovery. They have reduced the swelling and got me back on my feet quicker.

Natasha 'Mo' Hunt

I really do notice the effect CRX Compression Garments are having on my calf recovery, and that is something I have had a major issue with over the last eight years.

Lily Owsley MBE



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