Men's Everyday Compression Shorts

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Our CRX Everyday Compression Shorts for maximum support and compression. Our moisture-wicking, breathable fabric blend enables peak function for your daily activities. Compression without Compromise. CRX compression shorts are a custom blend of lycra and nylon, for lightweight, flexible and breathable compression to the glute and quadricep muscle groups.

✅ Reduce muscle pain
✅ Reduce muscle fatigue
✅ Prevent injuries
✅ Protect against muscle oscillation
✅ Recover stronger
✅ Recover faster
✅ Glutes and quads support

With CRX Everyday Compression Shorts, stimulate the area's blood flow, promoting faster recovery and injury prevention. Perfect for walking, jogging or any other daily activity that you do.

CRX Compression is trusted by thousands of elite athletes and teams.