Women's Compression Clothing

Compression Clothing

At CRX, our compression clothing for women has been designed to enhance performance, reduce muscle soreness and get you back out there - where you need to be. Our range of lightweight, high-performance compression wear for women has been designed by experts, for people who put their heart in their game. No matter what you take on, bring your best - with CRX compression clothing.

Compression wear is key to a power-packed performance - and nobody knows that better than us. Our expert team knows that you need light, flexible, durable compression garments with a fit like no other. Compress, compete and recover. Simple.

Why Compress?

For people who put their heart into their sport, compression is critical. Whether before, after, or during your game - wearing compression clothing protects against so-tissue injury, prevents inflammation, and prepares you to get back out there.

When you put your all into your movement, you’re at risk of an injury - which might take you o the track for a day, a week, or for good. So-tissue injuries are the most common way for an athlete to injure themselves: strains, sprains and contusions are easy to obtain but harder to fix.

When you compress with CRX, you’re not risking any time away from the game you love. Our compression clothing for women has been designed by experts and professional athletes, to carefully compress wherever it is worn. This seamless fit keeps blood flow moving, bringing oxygen-rich blood to exercising muscles, and removing waste products like lactic acid in the same movement.

With CRX compression wear for women, any inflammation is immediately countered. Any localised swelling in joints or muscles is compressed, which stops nociceptors (local pain receptors) from triggering, minimising pain. Stimulating blood flow at the same time as minimising inflammation means one thing - a powerful play, for as long as you can. Move for longer, work harder, and feel your best - before, during, and after your performance.

The Science

The science of compression of key to our success. By blending supple, seamless material with truly innovative tech, we’re able to pack more power into your movements than ever before. With our compression garments for women, your blood flow is stimulated around your body - including those hard working muscles. Lactic acid buildup, a byproduct of intense exercise, is drawn away from your muscles - while oxygen-rich blood delivers a hit of energy to keep you going for longer.

Before, during, and after your exercise, your compression clothing is working just as hard as you are. Keeping the area compressed means minimising inflammation, swelling, and pain - preventing nociceptors from triggering pain receptors in your brain. Less swelling and less pain means more energy - going faster, working harder, and recovering quicker than ever before. CRX - it’s what we do.

When to Compress

Compression is key in competition. Compressing while you compete is vital - providing oxygenated blood to muscles mid-workout and returning blood to the heart means a powerful performance to be proud of.

Long after you’ve stopped working, your compression keeps going. By reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and minimising muscle fatigue, you’ll get back to where you need to be in no time. Wearing compression garments after the game means a faster, easier recovery - and we know how much that means.


CRX Women's Compression Clothing

Here at CRX, we know how frustrating it is when fashion compression wear pretends to be something it’s not. Choosing compression wear for women shouldn’t have to be a choice between feeling good and looking good - which is why we don’t make you choose. Here at CRX, our compression wear promises compression without compromise.

Our compression wear for women promises a seamless fit, thanks to the high lycra content in every panel and stitch, without compromising on performance. With CRX women’s compression wear, the unbeatable combination of 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra is tried and tested, targeting and compressing individual muscle groups with every move you make.

Our CRX Women’s collection includes women’s compression socks, women’s compression leggings, women’s compression tights, women’s compression shirts and specific localised compression garments.

This is compression technology at another level.

This is CRX.