Daily Compression.

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CRX compression garments can help reduce the soreness and loss of function often associated with joint wear and tear. Normal activity levels away from elite sport can be improved or maintained by using simple compression protocols. CRX compression garments are effective in maintaining activity levels in the non elite athlete population. Park runs, walking the dog, playing golf, cycling etc are all levels of activity that can be reduced by injury or joint wear and tear.


Compression can be an important part of post operative care protocols. The aim being to reduce the oedema associated with surgery in a joint or soft tissue structure immediately after surgery but also in the long rehabilitation process associated with major joint surgery. Early post operative compression can reduce swelling associated with surgery in the affected joint/area, thus reducing pressure on pain receptors and helping a faster recovery in function and full fitness.

Hip and knee replacements are examples of surgical procedures where CRX compression can help form a part of the post operative care plan.

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CRX compression garments can help with your everyday life and daily living tasks to maintain a healthy lifestyle and help prevent the effects of normal joint wear and tear over time.

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As we get older, joints can lose their shock absorption as cartilage levels reduce, this can lead from soreness and loss of function, to complete loss of function and pain levels that may require surgery.

CRX compression garments help to control the oedema associated with normal wear and tear allowing you to maintain your normal daily living activities, be it a weekly round of golf, long walks with the dog or a Sunday morning cycle ride.

By helping to reduce the swelling associated with joint wear and tear, CRX compression garments help allow you to maintain your individual activity levels and stop the spiral of soreness towards being unable to enjoy walking, golf, cycling, and everyday activity levels we need to maintain for a healthy wellbeing and lifestyle.