Who are CRX?

They say there is no substitute for experience. Our people have been involved with the sporting elite across three decades yet they know that in the arena of sports injury and prevention, innovation is everything.

Science has penetrated deep into every aspect of sports performance. Data is all. Technology is absolute. But this is still about sports people and tailoring a recovery programme that they believe in. Every individual is different. That is why our equipment is designed the way it is. So that compliance is effortless. So that effectiveness is unrivalled. We believe passionately in this process, so that our athletes believe passionately in CRX.


Our technology allows athletes to perform better, and recover faster.

CRX Medical Grade Compression Garments are a combination of 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra, producing both optimum compression and maximum comfort. Our garments aid temperature control and remain durable. You stay compressed for longer than in other comparable garments.

This is how it supports recovery. This is how it helps prevent injuries. This is compression technology at another level.


Training, tactics and talent can give you the edge at whatever level of sport you take part in. CRX Compression Garments can do exactly the same in the periods in between. It helps reduce the risk of injuries. It improves your recovery. It allows you to perform at your best for longer.

Your body begins to recover immediately after your training is finished. There is nothing more simple than wearing CRX Compression. You can recharge and refocus. That is the edge that will take you to your next level.


On the field. On the track. On the road, In the pool. In the gym. Competition is everywhere. Compete with yourself. Be your best today.

Your best every day. Your best ever. Perform. Progress. Peak. Compress. Recharge. Regather. Recuperate. Compress. Recover mentally. Recover physically. Recover properly. Optimise your recovery. Optimise your performance. Get ready. Then go again.


Carry on with your day to day, but still feel the benefits of CRX Compression. Because each compression garment has been designed for comfort, it will layer perfectly under whatever you want to wear. From the moment you put it on after your shower, until you take it off before you compete or work out, you will be gaining the benefit of elite level CRX compression garments.

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