What Is Compression Clothing Used For?

What Is Compression Clothing Used For?

Here at CRX, three words matter more than any other: Compete, Compress, and Recover. Our strength is in Compression - high-quality, serious compression wear, for optimum recovery. Every great athlete knows the importance of compression clothing - and now we’re taking it mainstream.

Compression is a vital part of preparation, competing and recovery in sport - but so many of us don’t understand its benefits. It’s time to start a revolution, and we’re leading it.

To understand why we do what we do, it’s important to understand what compression clothing is used for - so you’re in the right place. 


It’s important to understand why we compress, to understand when we need it, why we need it, and how it helps us compete.

Soft tissue injuries pose the greatest risk to athletes. They can occur during sport or strenuous physical activity, with a misplaced kick, hit, or blow. Strains, sprains and contusion are some of the most common threats that athletes face, which sound harmless enough, but can take you out of the game for five minutes, six months, or even for good. Missed moments on the track or the field mean missed wins - and missed opportunities.

Don’t miss out. Instead, join the compression revolution - and get back out there.


Compressing properly and efficiently is a key part of competing. With compression clothing and products, your risk of injury reduces dramatically. Compression clothing is medically proven to reduce swelling, relieving pain and improving blood flow - helping you get back out there, stay longer, and perform better.

By reducing swelling in joints and soft tissue, CRX compressions garments reduce activation of pain sensors in the body (nocioceptors) which reduce pain and improve function.

Designed to increase the amount of oxygen the wearer receives, compression clothing reduces muscle fatigue, assists with strain prevention and crucially, reduces the risk of muscle soreness - making it the obvious partner to your next workout.

There’s even evidence to show that wearing compression garments improves your game. Increased comfort, improved streamlining and better muscle oxygenation means one thing to an athlete - performing better.

Compression garments for recovery are also vital. Compression wear has been proven to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness after the fact - helping you recover faster.

Compression is a crucial part of your play - and we’re here to make sure you go the distance.



In the moment, pressure is a good thing. It keeps us working harder, achieving more, and gets us closer to where we need to be. Now, we know that pressure is just as important when the adrenaline dies down. We want to bring the benefits of compression to anyone and everyone who wants to stay in the game. Our heart is in purpose-designed compression clothing, for people who take their training as seriously as we do.