What Does it Take to Become a Gloucester Rugby Player?

What it Takes to Become a Gloucester Rugby Player

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a professional rugby player for Gloucester Rugby? The answer is that there are many different skills, talents, and physical abilities required to make the cut. In this blog post, we will explore what it takes to become a Professional Rugby Player.


Physical Attributes:

Professional rugby players need to have superior strength and endurance. It requires an intense workout regimen and commitment to stay in peak physical condition in order to compete at the highest level. These physical requirements can be optimised through the use of CRX Compression Wear. With improvements in time to exhaustion by 4%, Increases in speed by 2% as well improving strength and power by 37%. Compression Wear to support the already present physical capabilities of Rugby players, takes them to the next level.


"With the regulations now allowing Baselayer Tights to be worn, this gives our players a massive competitive advantage by wearing CRX Compression Garments"

James Hudson - Sports Scientist at Gloucester Rugby


Technical Skills:

Like any other sport, having a good knowledge of the rules and regulations of rugby is essential for success on the field. Teamwork is also essential as members must communicate effectively with one another during matches. Players should also be well-versed in offensive strategies such as passing, kicking, tackling, and running with the ball so they can outsmart their opponents on the field.

Mental Attributes:

Mental toughness is key for rugby players as they must be able to handle high-pressure situations on and off the field. A strong mental attitude will help them stay focused during tough matches and push through adversity when needed. Another important attribute is resilience; successful players must be able to bounce back quickly after setbacks or failures in order to keep competing at their best level without being discouraged by past mistakes or unexpected losses on the pitch.


Albert Tuisue looking out on Kingsholm Stadium


Becoming a professional rugby player for Gloucester Rugby requires many different attributes—both physical and mental—in order for someone to make it to the top tier of the game. It’s not easy; however, those who do make it can look forward to a rewarding career playing one of England’s most beloved sports with some of its most talented athletes! If you have what it takes, then why not take your shot? Who knows where you could end up!


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