Is compression wear good for you?

Compression isn’t a new addition to the professional athletic clothing market. Professional athletes have relied on compression wear to act as a boost to their performance for several years - and here at CRX, our experts have been using it for decades. We know that compression wear boosts performance: CRX users report benefits ranging from reduced recovery to enhanced energy levels and even quicker performance times. 

A question that many people have about compression wear is whether or not compression is beneficial for the body. Qualities like increased oxygenation of the blood, quicker removal of waste byproducts during exercise and minimised swelling all mean a better performance and a quicker recovery. But is compression wear actually good for the body? How does it impact the body long-term? 

What does compression wear do?

It’s important to remind ourselves exactly how compression wear works, in order to assess its impact on the body. Compression clothing works by speeding up the progress of oxygenated blood through the body, as well as the removal of waste products created during exertion. Graduated compression, like our full range at CRX, ensures that panels and seams are carefully calibrated to exert pressure where it is needed, and to allow unrestricted movement where it is not. 

In addition to stimulating the nutrient-rich flow of blood to the compressed muscle group or limb, compression additionally inhibits the nociceptors in your skin. Nociceptors are pain receptors that warn the brain and spinal cord of trauma, so inhibiting these receptors prevents the body’s natural response of localised swelling and pain. This means compression keeps you moving without pain or discomfort, whilst lowering the risk of muscular tears or sprains in the first place. 

Is compression wear good for the body?

It can be confusing whether compression clothing is the right choice for you. Often, athletes want to know if compression wear is actively good for the body. At CRX, our experts agree that the benefits of compression are unmatched. Compression clothing promotes healthy, oxygenated blood flow from the heart around the body - delivering limbs and muscles the essential nutrients needed to energise performance. In addition, keeping muscles compact and compressed reduces muscular oscillation means people wearing compression clothing are far less likely to sustain a strain or sprain once they are exercising - and that any microtears which do occur are less likely to worsen into something more serious. In this sense, it’s safe to say that compression wear is good for the body as it prevents injury or strain in times of serious exertion. 

In addition, reducing lactic acid production means lowering the risk of DOMS post-workout. All athletes have experienced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) at one time or another - whether after training sessions or post-competing. To minimise DOMS means a reduction in recovery time - which is good for any athlete. 

If you’re working seriously hard at your sport, you’re constantly putting yourself at risk of injury. Using compression wear before and after a workout can minimise your risk of injury, strain or muscular tear - which has a positive impact on the body, enabling you to work at your max without the risks to your health. From compression tops, to our compression calf sleeves, we’ve got whatever kind of compression you need to perform at your best. 

Here at CRX, we know compression is a key part of your sport. That’s why we’ll never compromise on the clothing we make - to give you a seamless sports fit, with medical-grade compression.