How does sports compression wear help athletes?

As every athlete knows, pressure is a good thing. Whether on the pitch, round the track or in the gym, pressure keeps us performing at our absolute best. Pressure sharpens our focus, keeps our eyes on the prize - and can be the difference between winning and losing.

Here at CRX, we don’t just keep up pressure while we’re on the field. In fact, we know that pressure plays a crucial role in performance even when we’re recovering - and that’s where our sports compression wear comes in.


Sports compression wear is designed to put external pressure on the body, through the use of tight-fitting garments or clothing. The fabric structure and material create an environment that stimulates blood flow, both to the exercising muscle and the return of the blood back to the heart.

By reducing swelling in joints and soft tissue, CRX compressions garments reduce activation of pain sensors in the body (nocioceptors) which reduce pain and improve function.

As plenty of athletes know, this boost in blood flow improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the exercising muscle, improving performance during exercise. The part that lots of people miss is compression for post-competition recovery. Compression is vital here too: improved blood flow helps remove waste products after exercise, speeding up that all-important recovery.

This compression protects hardworking muscles, helping athletes train harder, perform better, and recover faster.

So, we know pressure works. What’s the end result? 


Improved performance is the tip of the iceberg. Athletes training in sports compression wear report quicker times, faster recovery between sets, increased power on the track and even better jumping ability. Sports compression wear helps athletes with a healthy blood flow - even when their bodies are facing their toughest challenge yet.

Increased oxygenation of the muscles results in a power-packed performance - better than you’ve ever done.


It’s in post-workout mode that our sports compression wear really kicks in. Wearing compression garments for today’s workout is essential - but recovery is key to tomorrow’s personal best.

Wearing sports compression wear after you train is key to reduced muscle damage and inflammation post-exercise. Reduced swelling means reduced pain - and a quicker recovery. Getting you back out there, where you need to be - at the peak of your power. That’s what we’re all about.