Landscape image of a runner, running outdoors on an open country road. The photo is of a female athlete and is cropped showing the lower half of her body only. She is road running, in wet conditions and is surrounded by green countryside. She is wearing black shorts, and a gray long sleeved sweatshirt. On her legs, she wears black crx compression calf sleeves.
A beautiful shot of a Cheshire bridge along a canal, where a female runner is stretching using a bench to support her elevated leg, post run. She is wearing CRX compression calf sleeves, black shorts, white trainers and a gray hoodie. Her hair is tied in a high ponytail.
Female athlete is stretching over her bent, elevated knee to tie her trainer lace. She is wearing black shorts and a gray hoodie, together with black CRX compression calf sleeves and white trainers. She is outside in a garden, with her right leg elevated onto a bench enabling her to tie her lace. She appears to be post workout or pre workout.
Womens Compression Calf Sleeves
Female road runner on a long straight, gray wet road, with green fields and trees to her left and right. She is running towards the camera and is wearing black shorts, a gray sweatshirt, black crx compression calf sleeves and white trainers.
Lower half of a runner, with muscular legs, running towards a camera. Shot is of a straight, flat, wet open road, flanked with green fields either side. The runner is wearing crx compression calf sleeves, white trainers, black shorts and a gray top.
Womens Compression Calf Sleeves
Womens Compression Calf Sleeves

Womens Compression Calf Sleeves

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Keep your calves and shins compressed and supported for optimum performance, with CRX calf sleeves. Our perfect fit is possible through our 20% lycra blend, which compresses exactly where you need it most.

✅ Reduce muscle pain
✅ Reduce muscle fatigue
✅ Prevent injuries
✅ Recover stronger
✅ Recover faster
✅ Calf support
✅ 20% Lycra blend for flex
✅ Ultra-lightweight
✅ Superior comfort

Our studies prove that using our products in recovery and following our recommended protocols, you can look to achieve:

✅ 36% more next day power
✅ 37% more next day strength
✅ 36% increase in overall recovery performance
✅ 43% reduction in next day DOMS
✅ 4% increase in time to exhaustion
✅ 2% increase in sprint speed
✅ 5% increase in muscle power

Our range of Women's Calf Sleeves is designed to produce graduated  calf compression, sitting precisely on the muscle groups as you exercise. Our fabric is slip-resistant and fully opaque, letting  you push to the max with no distractions. No compromise, just compression - for increased energy, reduced recovery time and improved performance.

Our seamless construction means no distractions or irritations, and our resistant-free fabric is a second skin while you work out - offering you compression and comfort without compromise.

CRX Compression is trusted by thousands of elite athletes and teams.

For best fit - please ensure accurate calf girth measurement and use our size guide to find your correct fit.

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