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6-Chamber Lymphatic Drainage Device

CarePump LITE6 is designed in cooperation with the Polish Lymphological Society, supporting 6-chamber cuffs. The device is easy to use and available at an affordable price, so it is eagerly chosen by private users who value the convenience of performing lymphatic drainage at home.

Easy-to-use device for mechanical lymphatic drainage

CarePump LITE6 is a lightweight device that provides professional-level pressotherapy in the comfort and convenience of your home. Boasting six operating modes, this easy to use tool offers adjustable pressure ranges from 20mmHG up to 220 mmHg through its 6 chamber cuffs–making it an ideal choice for those looking to treat a variety of ailments including circulatory diseases, chronic inflammation & lymphatic disorders, or simply as part of their athletic training routine aiming at faster recovery times with less risk of injury – or even just minimise cellulite appearance!

Technical Spec

  • Supported cuffs: 6-chamber
  • Cuff type: overlapping, fishbone
  • Pressure: 20-220 mmHg
  • Number of treatment programs: 6
  • Time: 1-120 minutes
  • Possibility to turn off the chambers: YES
  • Adjustment treatment speed: 1-5
  • Display: 5 ”color, touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 300x260x160 mm
  • Weight: 3,1 kg

Set Contents

Lymphatic drainage device (pressotherapy) - CarePump LITE6, power supply.


Warranty: 2 years for the device, 1 year for cuffs and hoses


LITE6 Data Sheet

LITE6 Manual