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4-Chamber Lymphatic Drainage Device

CarePump COMPACT4 is an innovative device for lymphatic drainage (pressotherapy) developed in cooperation with the Polish Lymphological Society. COMPACT4 supports 4-chamber cuffs, making the massage extremely effective. The device is intended for professional use in medicine, rehabilitation and biological regeneration.

Innovative device for mechanical lymphatic drainage

The CRX CarePump COMPACT4 is an advanced device for pressotherapy - a therapeutic technique used by physiotherapists, cosmetologists and rehabilitation professionals to help improve lymphatic circulation as well as accelerate regeneration in athletes. Its intelligent functions allow you to customise each treatment according to the patient's individual needs and specific requirements; making it ideal for managing conditions like sports injuries, circulatory issues or aesthetic concerns.

Technical Spec

  • Supported cuffs: 4-chamber
  • cuff type: overlapping, fishbone
  • Pressure: 20-220 mmHg
  • Number of treatment programs: 6 
  • Time: 1-120 minutes
  • Possibility to turn off the chambers: YES
  • Adjustment treatment pace: 1-5
  • Display: 5 ”color, touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 300x260x160 mm
  • Weight: 3,1 kg

Set Contents

Lymphatic drainage device (pressotherapy) - CRX CarePump COMPACT4, power supply.


Warranty: 2 years for the device, 1 year for cuffs and hoses.


COMPACT4 Data Sheet