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CRX CarePump Sport series

Select the device you are interested in to go to the page with a detailed description of the device and its capabilities. The products in this series differ in how many chambers in the cuff they support.

technical specifications

  • Battery powered - the treatment can be performed anywhere, also outdoors.
  • Devices that support 4-, 6- or 8-chamber cuffs. It is possible to perform the treatment on two limbs simultaneously.
  • The set includes two lower limb cuffs and a double splitter.
  • Possibility to buy cuffs for the upper limbs, hips and abdomen or in the form of short shorts (hips, buttocks, thighs).
  • 5 treatment pre-programs, developed with the needs of athletes in mind.
  • Possibility to change the parameters of the treatment while the device is operating.
  • Possibility to disable individual chambers in the cuffs, e.g. to avoid injured places.
  • Pressure from 20 to 250 mmHg.
  • Small in size and weight (2.5 kg), the devices in the set have a convenient bag for transport.