CRX Compression Technology.


We strongly believe in: Compete. Compress. Recover. Compress is where we come into play: medical grade compression, for optimum recovery. All of our compression products are driven by a clinical need and are designed to improve performance. We aim to reduce injury and aid a faster recovery. It’s our background in musculoskeletal science and physiotherapy that gives us the insight to create the leading compression wear on the market.


Both technical engineering and comfort are vital in our compression wear. We want you to feel the support.

Our uniquely constructed garments provide the right level of comfort and compression to maximise performance and aid active recovery.

CRX garments are a simple adjunct to improving recovery and allowing reduced effects on the body from training regimes, allowing you to train harder for longer.

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reduce injury.

Our compression garments aim to reduce swelling and oedema and therefore reduce injury risk allowing you to train harder for longer without soft tissue damage.

Our unique blend of 20% lycra in our garments means that the optimum level of compression is just right to keep your body in active recovery. CRX compression wear allows your body to recover and your mind to prepare for what lies ahead.

Recover faster.

By reducing the level of chemicals produced in normal training sessions, CRX garments help to improve rapid recovery from training soreness and allow a speedy return to full level training.

Minor muscle damage is a normal response to heavy training regimes. CRX compression helps to reduce this damage and associated swelling, thus reducing injury risk as you continue to train. Without compression protocols here, minor muscle strains may develop into moderate strains which will stop you from training all together.

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