CRX CarePump

Lymphatic Drainage Devices

Introducing the crx carepump range

sport series

Mobile devices for air compression therapy, which were designed for athletes and training people. They support post-workout regeneration, increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of injury.

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economic series

The devices for home lymphatic drainage. For people suffering from lymphoedema of various origins, feeling of heavy legs, prophylactically for all those who work standing or sitting.

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advanced series

Stationary devices for intermittent pneumatic compression for physiotherapy and cosmetology offices. Technologically advanced, they allow you to create your own programs.

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unique lymphatic drainage devices

Based on experience, market knowledge and many years of cooperation with physiotherapists, the perfect lymphatic drainage devices combining effectiveness, usability and giving the greatest possible opportunities were created.

The benefits of CRX CarePump

Athlete Recovery

Active regeneration combined with relaxation. Removal of muscle pain, tension and fatigue after training or competitions. Increased body performance. Less risk of injury.

Reduction of cellulite

Faster metabolism, reduction of cellulite, firming and slimming of the body. Relaxing treatment in any place. Duration of the treatment: 1-120 minutes.

treatment of swelling

Effective removal of lymphoedema and the feeling of "heavy legs". Prevention of venous and lymphatic system insufficiency. Home lymphatic drainage.