Unisex Medical Compression Calf Sleeves

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  • During performance and exercising our athletes show a statistically significant increase in speed and power


  • Our athletes show a statistically significant reduction in muscle tiredness and fatigue during competition
*Medical Device No. 6517


Introducing our Medical Compression Calf Sleeves - the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve performance, promote better health and wellbeing, or reduce pain. Our Medical Compression Calf Sleeves provide graduated compression to the lower legs, helping to improve circulation, reduce swelling and fatigue, and prevent varicose veins.

For athletes, our calf sleeves are a must-have item for training. The graduated compression helps to support the muscles of the lower leg during running and other sports activities, as well as reducing muscle soreness and fatigue post-workout. The compressive fit will also help reduce any oscillation or vibration in your legs caused by running and jumping which can lead to muscle damage over time.

Our calf sleeves can also be used in everyday life. They can help to reduce swelling in the feet and ankles caused by long periods of standing or sitting, as well as helping to prevent varicose veins from forming. Additionally, they can provide extra support when walking or climbing stairs after an injury or operation that required rest or limited use of the lower limbs.

For those undergoing injury rehabilitation, our Medical Compression Calf Sleeves can help with recovery time by increasing circulation in the legs and reducing muscle pain and inflammation around the ankle area. The breathable moisture-wicking fabric makes them comfortable for extended wear during rehabilitation periods.

Finally, expectant mothers will benefit from wearing our Medical Compression Calf Sleeves during pregnancy too! The added support around the ankle area combined with graduated compression offers relief from swollen feet and legs, whilst providing comfort throughout your pregnancy journey.

After unfortunately picking up a Syndesmosis injury, CRX Compression has been integral to my recovery. They have reduced the swelling and got me back on my feet quicker.

Natasha 'Mo' Hunt

I really do notice the effect CRX Compression Garments are having on my calf recovery, and that is something I have had a major issue with over the last eight years.

Lily Owsley MBE



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