Pregnancy Compression Leggings

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Varicose veins, swelling and aching legs are common problems during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time in a woman's life, but it also comes with some big changes to your body. These changes can lead to uncomfortable symptoms like varicose veins, swelling and aching legs

CRX Compression Maternity Leggings are here to help. Our maternity compression leggings provide high levels of compression to alleviate the risk of improper venous return as well as reduce the chance of developing varicose veins. They can also support you with heavy, aching legs. And if you still experience these symptoms after giving birth, our maternity compression leggings can be used post-pregnancy too!


Pregnancy compression tights/leggings are ideal for any expecting mother. The supportive fabric also helps reduce swelling in the legs, reducing the risk of varicose veins. In addition, maternity support tights can help ease discomfort from over-exertion and improve circulation. This is especially important for active mothers as it reduces fatigue and recovery time drastically. It also provides a better sleep experience by improving blood flow throughout the night. Support leggings for varicose veins can significantly reduce cramps and leg pain, allowing pregnant women to maintain an active lifestyle with increased comfort levels.

After unfortunately picking up a Syndesmosis injury, CRX Compression has been integral to my recovery. They have reduced the swelling and got me back on my feet quicker.

Natasha 'Mo' Hunt

I really do notice the effect CRX Compression Garments are having on my calf recovery, and that is something I have had a major issue with over the last eight years.

Lily Owsley MBE



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