This is a product shot of CRX black compression leggings, taken of the torso to the trainers only. Modelled against a white studio background, the only thing in focus on this photo is the compression product, showcasing the tight compressed material, the smoothness and tight fit of the compression leggings and the CRX logo branding around the waistband.
A dramatic image which is largely balck and dark, with a vibrant red popping out of the image. The red a wavy pattern on a boxing punch bag, hanging from the ceiling of a cool urban gym studio. An athlete is leaping mid air in the shot and his knee has made impact with the boxing bag, his left leg is behind him, perfectly poised and straight, his right arm in front at a right angle, creating a feeling of motion, impact and drama in the shot. He wears CRX compression leggings and a black t-shirt.
Foam rolling his glutes on a wooden floor, the athlete has his left leg bent and stretched over his right outstretched leg. His arms are behind him for support. He wears full black compression wear, consisting of a black compression t-shirt and black compression leggings, both the tshirt and leggings are CRX products.
CRX Black Elite Men's Compression Tights
Image depicts a male running up a rugged, rocky hill on an overcast day. He is wearing CRX compression leggings, black trainers and black shorts over the compression leggings.
This black and white image depicts a boxer practicing knee impact work with a free hanging speedball. His arms are at right angles to his left hand side, while his left knee is raised in a knee lift, impacting with the speedball. His right leg is ground and bent slightly for balance. He is focussed on the workout. He is wearing CRX compression leggings and a t-shirt.
A boxer sits casually after working out. He is removing the ties from his boxing gloves and looking at them in concentration. He is in an urban gym settings, leaning back against a wire fenced wall. He has multiple tattoos down his arms and appears focussed, lean and muscular. He is recovering from his workout in his compression leggings.
CRX Black Elite Men's Compression Tights

CRX Black Elite Men's Compression Tights

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CRX compression tights for men combine cutting-edge tech with seamless comfort. Our exclusive fabric blend, with 20% lycra, ensures a smooth and  flexible fit - while compression panels provide graduated pressure to all areas of the lower body.

Compress your quads, calves, glutes and ankles for optimum-lower body recovery - boosting venous return for nutrient-rich bloodflow to your muscles.

Our targeted panels compress any areas of injury to minimise damage, inhibiting  nociceptors to suppress swelling and improve recovery time. Get back out there - on better form than you've ever been.

CRX Compression tights for men : compression, but better.

- Reduced muscle fatigue
- Faster recovery
- Quad, glute, calf and ankle compression
- 20% Lycra blend for flex
- Moisture-wicking fabric
- Multi-directional stretch

Your CRX garment should be a comfortable snug fit with a soft tight feel.  Our sizes are standard European. If your borderline between sizes we recommend sizing down and for extra compression, our elite athletes go one size smaller to boost recovery. Please click here for a size guide for our garments to help you find the perfect fit. 

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Who we work with

Gloucester Rugby

Great Britain Hockey

Football Association of Wales

Born for Sports

Evolved from 30 years of inside experience to the world of elite sports. Team CRX knows what it takes to be at the best in your sport. We know how to support athletes of all levels to achieve their goals.

20% Lycra

Our 20% Lycra content ensures that the elite compression range allows any athlete to receive the support they need during any day to day activity. Breathable and lightweight materials mean you stay comfortable and compressed for longer.

Medical Grade

Our medical grade range of compression garments are different to normal sportswear. We offer the best levels of compression in the areas you need it most. Developed and supported by medical professionals, our range will give you maximum support.