Mens Elite Compression T-Shirt
Kyle Moyle, professional rugby player for Gloucester Rugby Club is promoting CRX compression wear by posing for a head and torso modeling shot, facing camera on a black background, wearing a CRX compression t-shirt.
Mens Elite Compression T-Shirt
Mens Elite Compression T-Shirt

Mens Elite Compression T-Shirt

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Our unique fabric blend is designed for ultimate compression, thanks to our 20% lycra formula. Designed to slip on like a second skin, our athlete-approved fabric never chafes tired muscles - compressing to maximise bloodflow around your body.

✅ Optimise upper body recovery
✅ ‘Second skin’ fit
✅ Minimise swelling
✅ Reduce risk of soft tissue damage
✅ Reduce muscle pain
✅ Reduce muscle fatigue
✅ Prevent injuries
✅ Recover stronger
✅ Recover faster
✅ 20% Lycra blend for flex

Our studies prove that using our products in recovery and following our recommended protocols, you can look to achieve:

✅ 36% more next day power
✅ 37% more next day strength
✅ 36% increase in overall recovery performance
✅ 43% reduction in next day DOMS

Our anti-odour and moisture-wicking mesh panels mean that nothing gets in the way of your game: simply slip on post-workout to enjoy maximum compression with minimal effort.

CRX compression T-Shirt works with your body - perfect for compression after a huge range of sports, like weightlifting, running, triathlons and cycling - so your compression can be as versatile as you are.

CRX Compression is trusted by thousands of elite athletes and teams.

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