Female using resistance bands to stretch triceps, hamstrings and calves. She is lying on her back on outdoor black decking on a purple yoga mat. The resistance band is held in both hands and wrapped around her right foot. Both legs are extended and she wears black CRX compression leggings and image shows the smoothness and snug fit of the leggings.. Her arms are in flexion at a 90 degree angle to maximise this full body stretch. Post workout CRX compression aids recovery to allow her to workout stronger.
Womens Elite Compression Leggings
CRX Compression leggings worn by a relaxed female, sat casually relaxing on a grey sofa. The lady is sat back with her legs extended on the sofa, using the compression wear post workout to recover like a pro. She drinks a mug of tea, and looks confidently into the distance.
Sat outdoors on a stone wall, with a backdrop of lush green Cheshire fields, this image shows a female sitting, listening to music with her headphones on.She wears whote trainers, black CRX Compression leggings and CRX Compression bra, and a black puffer jacket. On the ground next to her is a black sports rucksack, indicating she has just completed an outdoor fitness activity and is now recovering and relaxing post workout.
Womens Elite Compression Leggings
Women stretching wearing black CRX Compression leggings women and CRX compression bra. She sits with one leg crossed over a straight leg with the trainer at the front of the image, stretching her glutes and hamstring. CRX logo is visible on the base leg of the leggings, just above her trainer. Her arm is wrapped over her bent knee, elevating the stretch further. She is looking down, and appears to have completed a workout. She wears full CRX Compression post workout to maximise the compression benefits.
Studio shot of female wearing compression leggings by CRX. Image shows model calves, ankles and trainers only  The CRX logo on the left ankle at the front. The leggings are black and the uppercase CRX logo is white.
Woman using a foam roller to stretch and work the glute muscles. The green foam roller is on a gray tiled floor and the woman is balancing on her glutes with her legs extended in front. Her arms are behind her for support. She is wearing black CRX Compression leggings to aid her post workout recovery, image shows the CRX branding around her waistband.
Womens Elite Compression Leggings
Womens Elite Compression Leggings
Womens Elite Compression Leggings

Womens Elite Compression Leggings

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CRX compression leggings for women combine cutting-edge tech with total comfort. Our exclusive fabric blend, with 20% lycra, ensures a smooth and flexible fit - while compression panels provide graduated pressure to all areas of the lower body. Fully opaque with a no-bunch fit, our compression tights sit smoothly on your muscles, compressing muscle groups for maximum recovery.

✅ Reduce muscle pain
✅ Reduce muscle fatigue
✅ Prevent injuries
✅ Recover stronger
✅ Recover faster
✅ Quad, glute and calf compression
✅ 20% Lycra blend for flex

Our studies prove that using our products in recovery and following our recommended protocols, you can look to achieve:

✅ 36% more next day power
✅ 37% more next day strength
✅ 36% increase in overall recovery performance
✅ 43% reduction in next day DOMS
✅ 4% increase in time to exhaustion
✅ 2% increase in sprint speed
✅ 5% increase in muscle power

Compress your quads, calfs, glutes and ankles for optimum-lower body recovery - boosting venous return for nutrient-rich bloodflow to your muscles.

Our targeted panels are carefully designed to compress where they are needed whilst offering maximum coverage. Pressure panels minimise damage, inhibiting nociceptors to suppress swelling and improve recovery time. Get back out there - on better form than you've ever been.

CRX compression is trusted by thousands of elite athletes and teams.

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