Compression Must-Haves For Tennis Pros

When it comes to tennis, the professionals know it’s all about maximising power. From smashing serves to brilliant backhands, professional tennis players need to boost their performance any way they can. When it comes to maximising venous return, the fastest way to do this is by wearing compression garments. Graduated compression panels in CRX compression clothing stimulate blood flow, which works to boost the delivery of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your muscles. This means that the body is re-energised and infused with energy, letting you pack more power into your performance. 

This boosted energy isn’t the only benefit of compressing for tennis players. Recovery between sets, games and even competition days can be hugely elevated by using compression garments for tennis players. Using compression garments from CRX means that tennis pros allow their body the best chance at recovering faster, using the venous return to target any areas of swelling, trauma or even micro-injury.

Tennis injuries like ‘tennis elbow’ or rotator cuff issues are probably the first to mind when we think of the likely trouble spots for professionals. Whilst these are very much issues for those spending lots of time on the court, lower body problem spots like calf tears, achilles tendon issues, and ‘tennis toe’ all combine to make tennis an intense all-body sport.

By using the graduated compression panels in CRX compression wear for tennis players, venous return is boosted which means healthy equilibrium is returned to the muscles, removing waste products like lactic acid from the area. This in turn reduces any swelling that might be present as a result of exertion or overuse through intense competition - lowering your pain levels, as the swelling stops pressing on your nociceptors and triggering a pain response.

Oxygen-rich blood, meanwhile, travels to the area, targeting any areas of trauma or microtears which might have occurred throughout play. Reducing pain, pressure and swelling is the easiest way to clear a path for recovery, setting you up for a power-packed play in the morning. Certain kinds of compression garments are more effective for tennis professionals than others; by virtue of the muscle groups at play in tennis. Compression for the lower limbs, the upper body and the arms are therefore crucial for tennis players  - so read on to find our compression must-haves for the professionals. 

Compression Socks

Compression socks are key for tennis players; to remedy the time spent moving, and intensity of the movement that the feet must withstand. From racing across the court to withstanding the pressure of the return serve, the feet naturally endure a great deal. By recovering with compression socks, reduce swelling and stiffness throughout the dorsal muscles and sole to retain next-day agility. 


Compression Tights

CRX compression tights offer the maximum lower-body compression available from the CRX compression range. Compressing the quads, glutes, calves, feet and ankles in one smooth and pressurised panel, tennis professionals can target any lower-limb issues or injuries that have occurred throughout their game. 20% lycra means you can keep the flex when you move, while our 80% nylon compression applies the pressure where it needs to be.


Compression Shorts

Compression shorts offer the freedom to move, which can make them an ideal accompaniment to on-court practice. Focussing specifically on localised compression on the glutes and quads, CRX compression shorts allow for flexibility and agility in your recovery. Targeting the largest smooth muscle mass in the body, compression shorts help to improve recovery to take you onto the court in the best possible shape. 


Compression Tops 

When it comes to the muscle groups most impacted by professional tennis, it’s fair to say that the muscles of the upper body take the majority of the impact. Strains, sprains and tears are all-too-common for tennis pros, while overuse injuries to the elbow, shoulder and wrist can be chronic issues. Recovery with CRX compression tops provides graduated compression for the arms, chest muscles, and back, keeping the arms and torso oxygenated and energised for a powerful return to the court.